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The origins of paddle boarding and Imagine Surf's deep-rooted history with surfing is foundational to the company's culture. Although it is only a niche segment of the brand's target audience, excluding it in their marketing initiatives would mean denying their authenticity in part and isolating themselves from a core group of valued opinion leaders. This series of surf-centric ads portray the nostalgia and simplicity of the sport's soulful beginnings.

Marine Sports

A budding portion of the brand's focus are the parallels in play between the Paddle Board and Marine Industries. Higher price-points and a typically affluent consumer base demand elegance and simplicity in design. Cool color palettes and familiar settings reinforce the character and lifestyle most appealing to this audience.

Outdoor Adventure

The spontaneity and excitement longed for by travel and destination lovers is depicted here with their Seek. Find. Unwind. campaign. The Earth's bold, vibrant color palette serves as a backdrop to the daring explorer's journey as captured through the lens of Imagine Surf's brilliant photographers.

Youth Culture

The oft-optioned youth segment of the market is easily dismissed. Appealing to the uncertain nature of this audiences psyche is challenging at best. The grace and tumult simultaneously on display here is one certainty bound to garner their attention. Vivid imagery overlaid by playful typography, messaging consistent with the brand's story, and an over-sized logo mark — tells a story of vitality and spirit not often associated with the sport.


Maximizing sales through channel partners with advertising and promotional support in such a segmented industry is an incredible undertaking. My experience in brand management and as a retail buyer lends a unique perspective to the strategy and brand building practices utilized in developing these campaigns. As a designer, attributing a human element that evokes an emotional response is criticle in shaping a consumer's path to purchase.

Garrett Scotti / Designer